Many of us love blue as it is such a beautiful restful color for the home, and this means you will have plenty of choice when you come to buy blue curtains. Of course, there are many shades of the color, so first of all you have to choose from the range of aqua, light blue, navy, denim and sky blue curtains for sale, not to mention all the designs where blue is combined with another color.

If you are looking for blue patterned curtains you might like to consider the latest aqua and brown curtains, which are very popular this year or chocolate and pale blue, however blue and white curtains are perennially popular as are all the classic fabrics which feature those colors : look out for blue toile curtains as well as blue gingham or paisley for classic designs enjoying renewed popularity. Blue plaid curtains always sell well too and with good reason.

If you think blue is a little on the cool side of the color spectrum for a room which doesn’t get much sun, but you don’t want to give up the idea of it entirely, think about using blue and yellow curtains for a warmer cheerful look to the room while still using your favorite color. Blue floral curtains have much the same warming and softening effect whatever color they come in, so they are another possibility.

When considering fabrics for your blue window curtains, you need to match the material to the design. Most of the classic patterns are found in cotton curtain fabrics. However if you looking for solid blue curtains, you will find all kinds of fabrics which add interest and texture to your window treatments.

For example, you will find blue denim curtains as well as drapes in rich navy blue velvet and look out for light blue curtains in silk or sheer voile for a luxurious touch.

As for styles, you will find blue curtain panels with all kinds of headings including tab tops and blue eyelet curtains which are suitable for contemporary rooms, as well as more traditional rod pocket casement headings or pinch pleated drapes. Don’t just hang up a pair of curtains and think you are done. Think about unusual ways to drape your curtains with tiebacks and hold backs and consider matching or complementary valances too to finish off your windows beautifully.