It has been well known there the so called living room exists in every house. People design living room for different purposes. Certain people design and hire designer living room for welcoming guest only. Meanwhile, other people design their living room for both welcoming guest and gathering with their family.

Moreover, when you design your own living room, you must pay attention some basic elements that really determine your living room design. One of elements is floor. Your floor choice affects on the atmosphere of your living room. This means when you choose wrong floor, you may not get beautiful living room. Thus, you have to really care about your floor.

To start, you may search for designer ideas for living rooms. This will function for your base guide in designing. What to do next? Better you discover more ideas for flooring your living room here:

Pick out real wood for long lasting beauty
You have to real wood for creating unrivaled beauty and warmth underfoot. Try to use new manufacturing method, so that it will become increasingly durable and affordable. Moreover, if you want to save your money, you can purchase solid-woods. This will be cost less than engineered-wood flooring; even though you will push up the price for installing and finishing solid wood. You also will get other benefit of solid woods which is it can be sanded and refinished many times. Got the idea?

Layer rugs for creating richness
Particularly when you have smaller area rug over a larger rug can define a seating group within a larger space. This will enrich the palette of patterns in the room. For an effective layering technique, you have to avoid high contrast between the room-size rug and that area rug. For this living room, a swirl-print rug will lay over a neutral woven rug.

Use brick tiles for your rustic charm
If you are passionate to have rustic charm living room, you have to use brick pavers. This will create an old-work look to your own living room. The brick tiles can be laid in basket-weave, herringbone or running-bond pattern. It is up to you to choose sizes and thickness. After sealed, maintain simply by sweeping or vacuuming. Alternatively, dirt and mud can be removed with soap and water.

Therefore, flooring must be really paid attention to create a cozy and beautiful living room. For more ideas, you can design your living room online—getting the ideas through online.