This can help you to have full function of your living room—no matter the size of room is. Coloring will be the primary aspect that determines the space view—whether smaller or larger view. For this, you have to be careful of color choice because it may break your living room mood. To handle this, you may have to enlarge your references as to coloring of home decor ideas for small living room. This will help you much for knowing as to what to do at the beginning.

However, fade your worries to face that complicated ways. Handle your small living room with the following home decor ideas living room related to coloring its small room:

a. Choose lighter color
You have to know that dark color can make even large rooms appear smaller. For this, if you have small room, you should not choose dark color; rather you have to choose lighter color. The lighter the shade is, the more open your space will appear. However if you remain wanting to dark or bolder color, use that dark and bold color as accent colors only—not primary color.

b. Use stripes
Using stripes can work well in a small space. What that is so? That is because they can be used to create the illusion of height or length.

c. Try to use monochromatic color scheme
What does it mean? You may paint your walls and trim the same color. Choose the same color for making your room look bigger. Alternatively, you also can choose one shade lighter for your ceiling. This will really effective to enlarge your small room. Afterwards, use texture or varying shades of the small color to add contrast and depth to your small living room.

d. Use darker and bold color in pallets
This home decor for living room ideas will be so useful for grounding your space. Don’t forget to keep them at the eye level or below. This will make both your eye and ceiling soar; make them have larger view of your small living room.

e. Color your feature wall
This will be a great idea for home decor living room. Color your feature wall and stick it with neutral elsewhere. Pick out one element that really stands out. This will help you to make your room feel alive—without feeling cramped.