This season of Home Decor trends (2019) is taking a more eco-friendly look with more earthy elements. We are also seeing a cultural fusion taking place in the pattern movement with emphasis on a more eclectic style.

With the current economy situation and the movement towards echo-friendly we are seeing the future in home decor colors #2019 to use neutrals along with calming colors such as blues and grays to cool tones of blue-purple. The trend also includes colors that have a calmer feel such as golden greens, citrons and other earth tones.

Graphic designs along with personalized patterns will also come into play as will the cultural fusion that combines patterns giving a more eclectic feel. The cultural colors will include strong blacks, denim blue and spice colors.

Home Decor Trends 2019

Today’s designers are working a lot with recycling colors and the “green” movement while artistically combining warm color combos and bringing diversity through traditions found in China, India and the Middle East